There’s no need to wait for the golf season to be in full swing. You can play golf anytime, anywhere by joining a golf trip or cruise—a little bird told me that Trendsetter Travel Golf Tours hosts some of the best ones in the most magnificent places in the world. While you’re checking it out and deciding which golfing getaway to tee off next, let’s get your stuff ready. Have all your golf and travel gear prepped with this ultimate golf packing list for your next golf adventure.

What to Pack for Your Next Golf Trip

Lining up that perfect putt begins with ticking off all the golf essentials in this list. Our checklist makes sure that you’re prepped for anything the greens throw at you. From golf clubs to clothes and all the extras in between, let’s make sure your golf bag is ready to roll.

Golf Clubs

Your clubs are the heart of your game. Almost everything else you can buy at your destination, but your clubs?   You can hire clubs at virtually all golf clubs.  However, our experience is that most guests hiring clubs are disappointed.  Even if they pay a lot for new clubs, those clubs are typically ill-fitting – most likely due to having inappropriate flex in the shafts.  Also hiring golf clubs is not a cheap process and will cost between AUD 40 and AUD 80 per set to hire.  When packing your precious cargo, use small towels for padding. The towels double as protective cushions during transport and cleaning wipes for quick cleanups.   However, better still is to buy a golf club protector (a long shaft with a mushroom shaped bowl on the top) to best protect your golf clubs when being transferred by plane or coach.

Golf Balls and Tees

You don’t want to run out of balls and tees halfway through the front 9. That’s a golfer’s nightmare! So pack extra sleeves. While you can always buy more at the pro shop, it’s always a good idea to bring your own.

Expect to lose some balls and break some tees, too. Restock your tees and make sure you have ball markers and divot tools. You don’t want to leave the greens with unsightly pitch marks so practice good etiquette and repair the ones you made. If you don’t have extras yet, add them to your to-buy list now.

Other Golf Equipment

Your golf gear won’t be complete without your rangefinder and yardage book.

A simple laser-based range finder can help you choose the right club for your next shot. GPS range finders that use satellite data give you precise distance measurements that help you strategise your swing.

If you’re going to a new golf course with an unfamiliar layout, get a copy of their yardage book. Many golf courses now have downloadable versions on their websites. This can help with your pre-round planning and get you accustomed faster to playing conditions in that specific course.

Golf Travel Bag

Protect your golf clubs and equipment with a golf bag that can withstand rough handling.

If you’re looking to buy a new one, choose a lightweight bag with plenty of storage space and pockets. Check if it has enough room for your golf clubs, balls and other golf equipment. Consider investing in a heavy-duty, tear-resistant and weather-resistant outer travel bag, ideally equipped with integrated wheels and multiple grab handles for easy portability.

Golf Shoes

Bring comfortable golf shoes. One pair is good; two is better for long trips. If you haven’t used them in a while, give them a quick check before packing to see if they’re still in good condition. Shoes left in storage can degrade over time even though they appear great on the outside.

When packing, stuff socks inside the shoes to save space and keep the shoes in shape. If you’re using spiked shoes, pack a few extra spikes and a spike replacement tool.

Golf Clothes

On the greens, we dress to impress. Golf has a long-standing tradition of players having a polished look while playing the game. You’ll never go wrong with the classic pair of polo shirts and chinos or golf skirts. If you want to wear something else, check the dress code of the golf course you’re heading to when planning your outfits.

Aside from the dress code, check weather forecasts. Pack clothes that are lightweight and breathable for warm weather conditions and long-sleeved shirts and jackets for cold ones. Better yet, bring golf clothing you can easily layer up or down as conditions change.

Golf Gloves and Golf Hats

Complete your fit with gloves and hats. Aside from your pair of lucky gloves, stuff a few extra pairs in your golf bag. Bring your favourite golf hat or visor, too. If playing in the cold, have a beanie on hand to keep your head and ears warm.

Sun and Skin Protection

Wherever you’re going, bring UV protection. Even in cold winters or rainy days, you need to protect yourself from harsh UV rays. Slather some sun cream before you spend the day outdoors. Your eyes need protection from the sun, too, so don that sleek pair of sunglasses of yours on sunshiny days.

Dense vegetation and water features in golf courses serve as habitats for insects. If you don’t want to deal with itchy bites, bring bug spray with you.

Rain Gear

Going someplace humid or where the weather is rather unpredictable? Have a rain hood and umbrella ready in your golf bag as you never know when the weather might turn.

Other Travel Essentials

Don’t forget to pack the usual travel essentials. These things go in your carry-on for easy access:

  • IDs (driver’s license and passport)
  • Alcohol and wet wipes or tissues
  • Toiletries
  • Phone and accessories (headphones, charger, etc.)
  • Medications
  • Keys
  • Cash, particularly in USA where payment of gratuities to staff handling/cleaning your golf clubs is customary.

Travel Non-Essentials That Are Good to Have

If you still have space in your golf bag or your carry-on, consider bringing these things as well. They’re not highly necessary, but they’re great to have on your golf trip.

  • Cooler bag or sleeve. If you love cold or warm drinks, bring an insulated sleeve. Grab your cold or warm drinks before heading to the golf course and keep them at the perfect temp throughout your game.
  • Pain relief patches. For muscles and joints that need extra care after a long day, pain relief patches offer instant relief. Some countries may not have the patches you’re accustomed to, so it’s best to bring your own if you often rely on them to soothe muscle pains.
  • Have a chocolate or energy bar ready for when you need an extra burst of energy.

Time to Book Your Next Golf Trip

Now that your gear is all prepped, it’s time to book that dream golf tour. Trendsetter Travel Golf Tours offers hosted and non-hosted options, from luxury ocean and river golf cruises to land-only tours. Leave all the hassle of planning and booking to us and enjoy perks like attractively priced golf resort accommodation and green fees.

Tick off everything on the golf trip packing list above, then join the Kauri Cliffs Golf Tournament or have a friendly game at the Ireland Links or Great Lakes tour.

In almost all situations, you will find using Trendsetter Travel Golf Tours will provide an enhanced tour itinerary and at a lower cost than if you attempt to do yourselves.

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What do I pack for a short golf trip?

Pack everything included in our list above. If you want to pack light, just bring clothes for a couple or so days and use laundry services. Have at least two golf outfits each day, including undergarments and socks. Just bring enough clothes that can fit in a small carry-on.

How many golf balls should I pack?

Pros advise to bring one dozen golf balls to a golf game. You’re bound to lose a golf ball or two in the waters or in the rough so bring more than you think you’d need.

Do I need to buy anything for a golf trip?

Not really, especially if you go on golf trips regularly. You likely have everything you need already. T If you’re missing some of the essentials we’ve listed above, consider purchasing those, too, before your golf weekend.

Do I need a golf travel bag?

Yes, if you value your golf clubs—which we’re sure you do. You can even stuff some pieces of golf clothing or towels in it as long as you keep it within the weight limit of the airline or cruise ship.  Included with a golf travel bag is to also include a golf club protector (refer above).