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Argentina and Brazil Golf Cruises & Tours

Golf Cruises and Tours in Argentina and Brazil

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Non-Hosted Golf Cruises and Tours in Argentina and Brazil

Welcome to our exclusive collection of non-hosted golf tours in Argentina and Brazil. Experience the vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and exceptional golf courses of South America at your own pace. Our tours provide the freedom to explore and enjoy without the constraints of a hosted tour.

How Many Golf Courses Are There in Argentina and Brazil?

Argentina has around 300 golf courses, while Brazil offers 75 additional golf courses. From coastal courses with breathtaking ocean views to lush inland courses surrounded by beautiful scenery, both countries provide diverse options for every golfer. Their golf courses are known for their high standards and beautiful settings, ensuring a memorable golfing experience.  In Rio de Janeiro, there is the opportunity to play the Gil Hanse designed/built Olympic Course, scene of the golf medal contest in 2016.

What is the Best Time of Year to Golf in Argentina and Brazil?

The best time to golf in Argentina and Brazil is from late autumn to early spring, typically from April to October. During these months, the weather is mild, and the days are long, providing ideal conditions for golfing. June to August are the coolest months, offering pleasant temperatures for a comfortable round of golf.

Explore Argentina and Brazil’s Top Golf Courses

Both countries boast several top-rated golf courses that are a must-visit:

  • Buenos Aires Golf Club (Buenos Aires): Known for its challenging layout and beautiful setting.
  • Olivos Golf Club (Buenos Aires): Famous for its well-maintained greens and scenic views.
  • Olympic Golf Club (Rio de Janeiro): Renowned for its historic charm and top-notch facilities.
  •  Iguazu Falls Golf Club (Brazil): Located a short distance from the Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side of the falls..

Why Choose a Non-Hosted Golf Tour?

Non-hosted golf tours offer unmatched flexibility. You can:

  • Play at your own pace without following a group schedule.
  • Choose your preferred courses and tee times.
  • Explore local attractions and experience the rich culture and heritage of Argentina and Brazil.

Tailored Golf Experiences

Our non-hosted golf tours in Argentina and Brazil can be customised to suit your preferences. Whether you want to focus solely on golf or mix it with sightseeing and other activities, we can help you design the perfect itinerary. Enjoy the freedom to create your ideal golfing holiday.

Travel Tips for Golfing in Argentina and Brazil

  • Plan Ahead: Book your tee times and accommodations early, especially during peak season.
  • Dress Code: Golf courses in Argentina and Brazil often have dress codes, so pack suitable attire.
  • Explore Beyond Golf: Take time to visit historic sites, vibrant cities, and scenic landscapes.

Book Your Golf Tour Today

Ready to experience the best of golfing in Argentina and Brazil on your terms? Contact us today to book your non-hosted golf cruise and tour. Prefer a guided experience? We also offer hosted golf tours with expert guides to enhance your journey. Whether you choose the freedom of a non-hosted tour or the convenience of a hosted tour, we are here to help you create an unforgettable golfing adventure in South America’s most enchanting destinations.

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