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France Golf Cruises & Tours

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Non-Hosted Golf Cruises and Tours in France

Welcome to our exclusive selection of non-hosted golf tours in France. Discover the beauty, culture, and world-class golf courses of France at your own pace. Our tours offer you the freedom to explore and enjoy without the constraints of a hosted tour.

How Many Golf Courses Are There in France?

France boasts over 700 golf courses, providing a wide variety of options for golfers of all skill levels. From coastal links courses with stunning sea views to picturesque inland courses surrounded by vineyards, France has something for every golfer. The country’s golf courses are known for their excellent maintenance and beautiful settings, ensuring a memorable golfing experience.  Many of Frances leading golf courses were designed an built by the famous Colt, Morrison Ellison partnership during the 1930s prior to the commencement of World War II.

What is the Best Time of Year to Golf in France?

The best time to golf in France is from early spring to late autumn, typically from April to October. During these months, the weather is mild, and the days are long, offering perfect conditions for golfing. July and August are the peak months with warm temperatures, but late spring and early autumn also provide excellent golfing weather with fewer crowds.

Explore France’s Top Golf Courses

France is home to several top-rated golf courses. Some must-visit courses include:

  • Le Golf National: Host of the Ryder Cup and known for its challenging layout.
  • Golf de Chantilly: Famous for its historic charm and well-kept greens.
  • Terre Blanche Golf Club: Offers luxury facilities and stunning views.

Paris & Normandy

  • Paris is surrounded by many great courses although all are a 45 minute plus transfer from the centre of Paris. If basing yourself in Paris, we recommend the best golfing options as Le Golf National and Saint Germain (Harry Colt) but worth trying out the Jockey Club with its 2 courses.
  • Staying outside Paris is a good option and we recommend Chantilly. Apart from the two great golf courses at Chantilly Golf Club, there is also Morfontaine (Tom Simpson), the number one golf course in Europe.  Also worth staying is south east of Paris and looking to play the many nearby courses including the fantastic Fontainebleau (another Tom Simpson design).  Our favourite golf resort is Chateau Augerville.
  • Normandy, on the western coast of France, is a fantastic golfing area to base yourselves and to perhaps have a guided tour of the Normandy Beaches, a 100 km strip of coast made forever famous in June 1944. There are over 30 museums commemorating the Normandy Beach landings.  We recommend playing Etretat with its stunning views and the two golf courses at Omaha Beach.  However, there are many golfing options.  When in Normandy, you must try Calvados, the famous apply brandy unique to the region.

Bordeaux & Biarritz

  • Bordeaux and Biarritz (both located in the south west corner of France) is an easy fast train ride from Paris or direct flight.
  • Bordeaux is a fantastic historic city and was where the French Government moved when Paris was threatened by invading armies. Bordeaux has many nearby courses but the best three to play are the Chateaux and Vignes courses at Golf du Medoc and St Emilionnais (a recent Tom Doak design).  We have many excellent hotels to recommend.
  • Biarritz is an easy 2 hour drive south of Bordeaux and sits just north of the Spanish border. There are worthwhile courses to play with many built in the 1930s but subsequently upgraded.  Our favourites are Le Phare (Harry Colt), Chiberta (Tom Simpson), Seignosse (Robert von Hagge) and Arcangues.
  • Our recommended 5 star accommodation is the historic and magnificently located Hotel du Palais


  • While there are countless great hotels to stay and golf courses to play, we recommend you base yourselves near Cannes and consider splitting your time between Cannes and staying at the nearby Terre Blanche with its two magnificent and highly rated courses. Apart from being a great city on the French Riviera, Cannes is the ideal base to play the best golf courses in the Provence region.

Why Choose a Non-Hosted Golf Tour?

Non-hosted golf tours offer unmatched flexibility. You can:

  • Play at your own pace without following a group schedule.
  • Select your preferred courses and tee times.
  • Explore local attractions and savour France’s rich culture and cuisine.

Tailored Golf Experiences

Our non-hosted golf tours in France can be customised to your preferences. Whether you want to focus solely on golf or combine it with sightseeing and other activities, we can help you design the perfect itinerary. Enjoy the freedom to create your ideal golfing holiday.

Travel Tips for Golfing in France

  • Plan Ahead: Book your tee times and accommodations early, especially during peak season.
  • Dress Code: French golf courses often have dress codes, so pack appropriate attire.
  • Explore Beyond Golf: Take time to visit France’s historic sites, vibrant cities, and scenic countryside.

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