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Additional Services


Ship Sticks is a premier golf club shipping provider.

We’ve partnered with Ship Sticks so you can stop wasting time at the airport and start traveling hassle-free, with Ship Sticks. The most convenient and affordable door-to-door shipping service for your golf clubs and luggage. Unlike the airlines, Ship Sticks provides a hassle-free travel experience backed by an on-time guarantee. To get started, click on Ship Now and tell us where you would like your clubs picked up. Once you’ve placed your order you will receive detailed instructions on how to package up your clubs for shipping, including a link to track your clubs in real-time. Traveling to your next golf destination just got a whole lot easier with Ship Sticks!

For enquiries, obtain a quote or make a booking visit here: SHIPSTICKS


How often have you wished for better photographic memories of that very special trip – your honeymoon, the big family holiday with the kids and grandkids, the special birthday celebration ….. Trendsetter has the perfect solution.

We are an agent for Flytographer, the company with photographers in all the main cities around the world ready to come and shoot your memories. It’s an inexpensive treat that when booked via Trendsetter will see you receive extra benefits due to our Virtuoso affiliation.

Call or email us now to learn more.

Luggage Free

Schlepping excess luggage such as golf clubs, bikes, snowboards or skis – or that extra suitcase you won’t need until 2 weeks into your trip – can be a real drag. And expensive if you are not flying business or first with extra baggage allowance.

Luggage Free is the perfect solution. The company will collect and deliver your luggage hassle free and every step of the way you are able to track where it is. Trendsetter, via our Virtuoso affiliation, enjoys a favourable rate for luggage forwarding from and to Australia.

Call or email us now to learn more.

Gift Vouchers/Honeymoon Gift Registry

Are you stuck for a gift or a prize? Trendsetter has the perfect solution and can provide you with a gift voucher to your nominated value, with a minimum value of $250.00. Vouchers are valid for 2 years from the date of issue allowing the recipient plenty of time to plan how it might be spent.

We are also experienced in handling Honeymoon Gift Registries. Why not have us manage your registry in conjunction with your honeymoon so that you can be freed up to plan other details for the big event.